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You could get paid for fueling up.

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Individual Benefits

Zone1 Individual Membership will strive to bring the people the following benefits upon the launch of the MPG Club.

The more people sign up the more you can save. We are bringing the power back to the people, when you choose to be an MPG Member you are standing with other members to join forces and create a voice. You have a choice where you fuel.
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Commercial Benefits

Zone1 Commercial Membership is gearing up and plans to provide the following benefits to its commercial members.

Don’t Miss Out on the Savings! Pre-register now for a year of free membership and to enjoy seed fleet member benefits in the future. Our goal is to save you thousands of dollars year round, dollars that you will be able to use for additional fuel and much needed vehicle maintenance. Click Here to Pre-register!

Certified Stations

What we will require our certified fueling stations to have

We will consistently strive to poll our members, get there feedback on service stations, to make sure that our pre-qualified partner stations are meeting their needs. We will be holding our stations to a higher level of excellence. To get things like cleaner restrooms, fresh coffee, and exceptional customer service. Click Here to Pre-register!