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Zone1 is in a pre-launch test market stage. We truly believe we are building a service that will help the public deal with rising fuel costs. In order to bring this vision to life we need your help. The pre-launch stage is to gauge interest and join forces, so that our club can open strong, and have the power to negotiate for its member.

By pre-registering for the Zone1 Club before the launch you will receive your first year of registration free, you will also have a part in helping start the first for the people gas club. A club not dictated by what grocery store you shop at, or how much you drive. We are trying to build a club geared towards the people’s interests, with less restrictions and more benefits. It’s your money and you should have some say in what you get for it.

Support The Launch Tell a Friend !

If you would like to take the power back joining together as a club to tell gas stations what you want and need, then support the launch and tell a friend, the more members we have the more benefits we can negotiate on their behalf. The larger the launch the stronger the voice. If you’re tired of being a slave to gas prices, and having nowhere to pull over to use a clean restroom, then tell a friend and pre-register today for a brighter tomorrow!

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Just Use Zone1 Certified Fueling Stations.

We will consistently strive to poll our members, get there feedback on service stations, to make sure that our pre-qualified partner stations are meeting their needs. We will be holding our stations to a higher level of excellence. To get things like cleaner restrooms, fresh coffee, and exceptional customer service.

We are working to bring you the following in regards to rebates and savings.